Must-have auto accessories for your car.

While some people just want reliable transportation, others prefer a vehicle that makes a statement. Auto accessories are available for every taste and preference in a variety of price ranges.

Auto floor mats are one of the most inexpensive ways to personalize your vehicle. You can purchase these auto accessories with the logos of your favorite sports teams, monograms, or other colorful embroidered designs to add a personal touch to your vehicle.

Tinted windows are another budget-friendly auto accessory. Tinted windows come in several different colors to add a touch of style to any vehicle. Tinted windows will help reduce glare, keep your interior from fading, and protect you from the sun’s harmful rays.

Stereo systems come in a variety of price ranges. Quality systems including an amplifier, deck, subwoofer, and side speakers can easily run $1,000 or more. These auto accessories are functional, but an expensive stereo system is also a status symbol among devoted auto enthusiasts.

Chrome rims make your vehicle stand out in a crowd, but they’re more expensive than many other auto accessories. Think of them as jewelry for your vehicle. Auto accessories such as rims and a new set of tires can add over $4,000 to the price of your vehicle, but they’ll earn you the respect of your fellow auto enthusiasts.

A custom paint job is one of the most eye catching auto accessories. Pinstripes, flames, and other designs are sure to attract attention from other drivers. Some auto enthusiasts opt to paint their own vehicles, but complicated designs are generally best left to experienced professionals.

While some auto accessories are primarily decorative, others will increase the power and performance of your vehicle. Auto accessories like superchargers, superchips, and fuel injectors will improve your speed. Auto accessories like shocks, grill guards, lift kits, and tow accessories will get you ready for off road adventures.

Once you’ve invested your money in auto accessories, an improved security system becomes a necessity. Security systems will deter thieves and help lower your insurance rates. This is one area you definitely don’t want to skimp on.

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