Add some pizzazz to your vehicle with custom auto wheels.

Custom auto wheels are like jewelry for your vehicle. They’re an auto accessory that adds style to your vehicle and makes a statement about your personal tastes. Adding custom auto wheels is an easy and affordable way to add pizzazz to your vehicle.

Most of the custom auto wheels available today are made from aluminum. Casting and forging are the two most common processes for manufacturing custom auto wheels. Casting involves pouring molten metal into a mold, while forging uses large amounts of force to shape a piece of heated metal into the desired shape.

Casting produces custom auto wheels of variable quality, although careful attention to manufacturing standards can result in wheels that will provide years of service. Pressure casting, a process in which metal is pumped into a mold, tends to produce better quality wheels than merely pouring molten metal into the mold.

Forging requires multiple manufacturing steps, but produces lighter and stronger custom auto wheels than casting. The forging process also eliminates the porosity that is often a source of cracking and corrosion in custom auto wheels.

Following a few simple tips will help you choose the best custom auto wheels for your vehicle.

· Select the smallest wheel diameter possible when purchasing custom auto wheels. However, it’s not a good idea to replace your original wheels with smaller diameter wheels. If you wish to use larger diameter custom auto wheels, choose low profile tires to retain the vehicle’s original tire diameter.

· Proper wheel width is another important consideration. The width of your custom auto wheels should be the same as the tire’s tread. This will produce vertical tire sidewalls that ensure proper tire support and extended tire life.

· Custom auto wheels should also have the correct offset and backspacing to fit your vehicle properly. Offset is the distance between your custom auto wheel’s mounting surface to the car and the center of its rim.

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