Tips for keeping your auto tires safe and reliable.

Auto tires are an important part of your vehicle’s safety system. They play a major role in your ability to properly stop, control, and maneuver your car. Following a few simple safety tips will keep your auto tires in good condition.

Pay attention to your auto tires while driving. Vibrations while driving often indicate tire damage or excessive wear. Pull over immediately, replace your tire, and make an appointment with a mechanic or tire dealer for a complete inspection.

Watch for potential problems that might affect your tires. Uneven tread wear, shallow tread, damaged areas, slow leaks, and missing valve caps are just some of the factors that can make your auto tires unsafe. You may also want to inspect your tires regularly to remove foreign objects that may be wedged into your tire’s tread. If you suspect your tires may be damaged, use a spare until you can have your auto tires examined by a professional.

Some drivers mistakenly believe that letting air out of your tires in snowy weather will increase your vehicle’s traction. Under inflated auto tires will actually impair your ability to control the vehicle in addition to increasing damage from tire wear.

Don’t drive on overloaded tires. If your car is carrying too much weight, the extra heat inside your auto tires can cause sudden tire failure. The maximum load of your tires can be found in the owner’s manual, on the vehicle placard, or inside the sidewall of the tire.

Make sure you buy the right tires for your vehicle. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations or ask your tire dealer to help you find the appropriate auto tires.

Auto tires need to be properly stored when not in use. They should be stored upright and kept away from heat, grease, moisture, or other elements that could damage the rubber.

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