Start your own auto detailing business.

If you enjoy detailing your own vehicle, you may want to consider starting your own auto detailing business. There is nothing more rewarding than making money from doing something that you enjoy. However, being a small business owner isn’t as easy as it may seem at first glance. Before you open an auto detailing business, make sure you have the necessary skills and the desire to succeed.

Most auto detailing businesses operate from a truck and travel to their customer’s location. Some basic tools and a portable tarp are all you need to begin your own auto detailing business. However, it’s important to make sure your truck looks good, since prospective customers will view it as a visible demonstration of your abilities.

Sales and marketing skills are important for every small business owner. When you own an auto detailing business, you can expect to spend a large portion of your time selling your services to prospective customers. Fliers, newspaper advertisements, and other traditional forms of advertising will help you attract customers, but there are also some creative ways to boost your business. Hosting an auto detailing seminar for members of a local car club is a good way to attract loyal customers. Offering maintenance contracts that include car washes and standard auto detailing services can provide a steady supply of business. Used car dealerships are also good sources of reliable work.

There are some important differences between someone who does auto detailing as a hobby and someone who is running an auto detailing business. Professionals use a quality rotary buffer that can withstand daily use, while hobbyists are most familiar with an orbital buffer or products applied by hand. The professional must be efficient and not waste valuable time, while the hobbyist can take as long as he wishes to complete the job.

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