Find affordable auto glass installers.

It only takes a small stone to put a crack in your windshield or window. It’s tempting to just ignore the crack if it doesn’t block your view of the road, but a few nights of freezing temperatures can turn a barely visible crack in your auto glass into a major problem.

Auto glass installers repair or replace over 11 million damaged windshields and windows each year. Also called auto glass technicians, they usually complete apprenticeships or community college training to learn their trade. However, some auto glass installers get their knowledge through on the job training. Auto glass installers most often work in auto body repair shops, vehicle glass repair shops, and motor vehicle dealerships.

When a customer comes in with his or her vehicle, an auto glass installer will examine the windshield or window to determine if the glass can be repaired. If the glass can be repaired, the auto glass installer will force a liquid resin into the crack and use ultraviolet light to harden it.

If the glass can’t be repaired, the auto glass installer will need to replace the windshield or window. Sometimes the glass is precut and ready for installation, but sometimes the auto glass installer must cut the glass to fit the vehicle. This requires measuring the window frame, selecting the right type of glass, and using a glasscutter to fit the glass to the frame. When the glass is ready for installation, the auto glass installer uses suction cups to place it into the proper position. The glass is then secured with special adhesives, rubber gaskets, sealants, bolts, metal clips, or molding.

Auto glass technicians need to have good mechanical skills, know how to use basic hand tools, and be able to lift up to 80 pounds. Auto glass installers who travel to their customer’s location also need a commercial driver’s license, a good driving record, and the ability to work with limited supervision.

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