Choose the highest quality auto paint for your car’s next paint job.

If your car needs a new paint job, doing it yourself can be a great way to save money. However, applying auto paint is not like painting other surfaces. There are many articles available about the subject, but it’s best to watch a professional in action before attempting a custom auto paint job. The following is a brief explanation of the painting process.

1. Use a chemical paint stripper to removing existing auto paint. It’s important to wear thick gloves, use safety goggles to protect your eyes, choose a well-ventilated work area, and read the directions carefully before using the product.

2. After you’ve applied the chemical paint stripper to the car with a paint brush, cover your car with a sheet of clear plastic. The plastic will trap the fumes and make the product work faster.

3. Once the product is finished working, you can remove the plastic and use a putty knife to scrape off the auto paint. Rinse the car with water when you’re finished to neutralize the chemicals in the paint stripper.

4. If needed, apply a second coat of the chemical paint stripper.

5. Sand the car to help the auto paint adhere properly.

6. Use masking tape to protect windows and other parts of the vehicle that don’t need to be painted.

7. Apply a urethane primer or gray lacquer to the car. Let it dry completely, taking care to prevent dust from settling on the vehicle. Most vehicles will need at least four coats of primer, but you can apply up to eight coats if necessary.

8. Apply a sealer to the vehicle to keep your car from rusting. Let it dry for at least one hour.

9. Now it’s time for the fun part: the actual paint job. Starting at the top of the vehicle, apply a thin coat of auto paint. Stay at least ten inches away from the car to prevent the paint from running.

10. Sand with find grit sandpaper after every coat. You’ll need a total of about eight coats for a completed auto paint job.

11. Remove the masking tape.

12. Polish the car and admire your completed work.

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